Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Power of Respect by Deborah Norville

The Power of Respect: Benefit from the Most Forgotten Element of Success by Deborah Norville.

In this book, Deborah Norville shows how respect in all areas of our lives: home, relationships,
schools, business, leadership, and self-respect benefits success for all. The book includes a conclusion, quotations throughout the book, an appendix of Values in Action-Strengths of Character, extensive notes (footnotes) in the back of the book and a section about the author.

The power of Respect was interesting because it was a quick read. The text was large enough not to strain the eyes. Quotations by Zig Ziglar, Aristotle, Abe Lincoln, Bible verses and several other are food for thought. Biblical truths are fed not preached. Simple suggestions are attainable and most are “free.” Suggestions like: listening, complimenting, appreciating, reaching-out, organizing, and being considerate challenge all of us to respectful. A simple conversation with a teen-ager, a note of appreciation in the payroll check envelop, and allowing for input build everyone’s self-respect…the most important kind of respect. “Self-respect helps people feel valuable, no matter what their circumstances. Being respected by others enhances your own performance.”

Friday, September 25, 2009

Book Reviews and Views

Since I have written over fifty book reviews for Linworth Publishing, I am making this Blog a Review Place for you the reader.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cole Logan Cavitt Our new grandson

Cole Logan Cavitt
10 lbs 6 oz
22 inches long
May 8, 2009
born at 12:58 noonish
"8" is important because it is Troy Aikman's number
Proud Parents: Jeff and Sharon

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Writing and Wit

I've added two new items to this blog.

The cbiclubhouse is fantastic! It's for new and published authors. Their newsletter has useful information, websites and markets for up-to-date publishing.

The bookshelf is wonderful too. It took awhile to follow the directions for me but I like to see what people are reading and what they want to read.

It's icy here. Feels good. We had dinner with mom and dad. Homemade chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes. She's such a wonderful cook. Fred, my bother called me for her Potato Chip recipe. I didn't have it. He hung up on me. (One cup Miracle Whip, 1/2 cup shredded cheese, finely minced onion and a dash of Dash) Of course I had to call her to get it.

Do you have a quick Super Bowl snack? Please share it in comments.