Friday, December 2, 2011

11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph

11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph by Darcy Pattison is the winner of “The Help” children’s Story Contest. The book will be a winner to you too. The book begins with her mommy is pregnant with her. As the girl grows up, the girl is sad that her dad has gone soldiering. Each month, photographs are taken and she seems to be blotted out, blurred, and deliberately hidden through each month of the year. Each photograph is full of humor. Finally he comes home, mommy has another baby. This time, the little girl becomes the photographer. What a great book for anyone explaining deployment to a child, student, or class. This isn’t Darcy Pattison’s first book and it won’t be her last. Coming in February 2012, Wisdom, the Midway Albatross.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to Interview Like a Pro

How to Interview Like a Pro: Forty-Three Rules for Getting Your Next Job by Mary Greenwood, JD, LL.M is for job seekers from age 18 to 80.Wheather you are a novice or an expert, there is information for one and all. The book takes you from getting started, preparing for the interview, how to answer questions, various laws, and what to do after you get the job. Mary Greenwood has four appendixes: Do and Don’ts of Interviewing, Glossary of Terms, Federal Laws Prohibiting Discrimination, and State Fair Employment Agencies. Each rule is in bold face type. Each page pops with great advice and exciting resources. Best of all, the book is a quick read, uncomplicated, and easy to understand. Mary Greenwood also wrote How to Negotiate Like a Pro and How to Meditate Like a Pro. If you bought only one book about interviewing for a job, this would be your #1 choice. Happy interviewing and job-seeking. Be sure to pick up Greenwood’s other books too.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain

To tell the truth, I read this book for review over a year ago. Yet, I found the true meaning and purpose of this wonderful book by Dr. Meier and Dr. Henderson this year. Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain helped come to grips of life and living.
The authors discuss struggles that we all experience: Injustice, Rejection, Loneliness, Loss, Discipline, Failure, and Death.
The book shows how God’s love is there through all of our situations. He was there before we existed and He gave us all of the strength and power to get through anything and everything that comes our way. All we need to do is keep our eyes on Him. His guidance, His compassion, and His love are beyond understanding.
My mother has gone through brain surgery. Each of the above struggles entered my life like a landslide. My thoughts went towards negative thinking. It wasn’t fair when she didn’t recognize me. She could no longer walk, jog, or run like she used to do. This was the first year, mom didn’t make her favorite Christmas goodies for herself or the family. Did I contribute to her health problems? Did my parents deserve all of the medical bills in their late 70’s? No.
I reread this book. What a wonderful reminder that God had a purpose for all of us. Many lessons were learned and we found the strength in our family and friends. God is there.